About Me.

I have had a very successful and long serving professional career in the Corporate world of food manufacturing. I have been fortunate to work for two iconic companies in the Australian market place. In my roles I have always been in a sales position. I have participated in many world class training courses which have provided me with some very valuable skills, not the least of them being my presentation skills. This training is now part of the reason for my success as a Marriage Celebrant. I am very comfortable speaking and presenting in public which a great benefit for you as you want a celebrant who has been trained well and who knows how to take an audience on a journey with them.

I also have a very high standard in my personal presentation. I believe this is also a benefit for you, as you want a celebrant who knows how to dress appropriately for the occasion of a wedding. In a fashion sense my style is what you would call “classic elegance with a splash of glamour”. I like tailored classic pieces that don’t date because they are timeless and elegant.

My personality style is similar. I also have a natural ability to build relationships with people. This has always been easy for me because of my strong people skills, this is another benefit for you as I work hard to make you feel at ease and comfortable with me.

Because of my life in the corporate world I also have the ability to be confident and calm under pressure. I have found this has been a very valuable skill to have that I use to my benefit when conducting weddings. There has to be a calm head in charge when everyone else is caught up in the nerves and excitement of the day. But I wouldn’t miss the excitement and stress of the wedding day. It is the absolute best day!!!

I became a Marriage Celebrant because I am a hopeless romantic who believes in love!! I believe that when you find that special person, the love of your life, you know it deep inside. With that connection comes a confidence and a level of comfort that enables you to be who you really are. It enables you to step into the role you were meant to live. Of all the couples I meet and work with, the ones who work the best together, are the ones that have their relationship in balance.

When I became a Celebrant I didn’t realize that it would become the passion of my working life. Being a Celebrant feeds my soul because I am in the rare position of really having an effect on my couple’s lives. I get to share in a very intimate way the most precious and vulnerable day of their lives. It is a privilege to be in that position, and I am grateful every time I am given the opportunity to experience that special bond with my couples. I never take it for granted and I am humbled and honored when couples choose me to share their wedding day with them.

I have performed weddings all over Melbourne and surrounding areas, and I have now relocated to the Bellarine Peninsula. I love the excitement around weddings and the exchange of ideas that occurs in the creative process of putting a ceremony together.

All of my experience is now at your disposal as I bring my corporate training and polish into my role as a celebrant. If you feel that I would be the right celebrant for you, then please send me an enquiry today.

I look forward to speaking to you.