When I meet with couples for the first time the comment I hear the most from them is….”we haven’t done this before, so we don’t know what to do!!”

What we do is start talking about your wedding ceremony!! It’s that easy when you know what to do……and I have done this hundreds of time before so you are in safe hands.

I am passionate about creating the ceremony you have always dreamt of. It doesn’t matter how large or small your wedding is, my passion is still the same.  
When couples start organising their wedding they put a lot of thought into every element of their day like the cars, cake, dresses, flowers, reception, guest list, etc. The one thing that they don’t put a lot of thought into is the actual ceremony itself. They don’t think about the words they want to say to each other. Your ceremony should express how you feel about each other. As daunting as it may be to put those feelings into words, this part of your day is the one that will stay with you forever. It has to be special and unique to you both. After all, this day is for you, and about you! So make it as special as you can by carefully choosing the words you want to use to express your commitment to each other.

d3Through working very closely together, we will bring the image you have in your mind of your wedding day into reality. We will create an intimate atmosphere that you will remember for the rest of your life. This is the most romantic day of your life, so it is important that you both get the opportunity to express your feelings for each other. After all, your wedding is about you as a couple, and it should reflect who you are both individually and as a couple.

d4Even if you are thinking of eloping or you want a grand affair, the most important thing is that your ceremony reflects you and what is important to you both. It should be intimate and romantic, as it is a public demonstration of your feelings for each other. It also has to reflect your personalities, so we will spend time together so I can get to know you both a bit better which will enable me to write a ceremony that will be personal, touching, and meaningful.